Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Time at PC Bang/First Post in Longgg Time

Wowww, so I began this blog thinking I would post regularly.

That was about 7 months ago.

My school's Internet somehow blocked my ability to access my blog which is why I haven't been able to post ANYTHING since my first month in Korea.

I'm at a PC bang right now for the first time right now which is why I'm able to access my blog for the first time in many months. Ok random story. As I came into the PC bang, I went up to the counter lady and asked 'Can I use the computer?' in Korean. She then cocked her head to one side, called her helper over, and gave me an uber strange look. Ah yes. This look I have received many times in Korea. The look of: You are a Waegook-in (foreigner). haha. So for all you curious little cookie monsters, I guess my Korean hasn't improved THAT much if people can still catch on that I'm a foreigner. haha awww shucks.

A quick update, my whole family visited a few weeks ago which was so ridiculously refreshing and much needed. I was feeling really really homesick at about the 6 month mark so they really did come in the nick of time. Ahhhh. I got a good dose of the Park family so I'm good to go for the next 4 months.

Oy vay. That's it for now! See you guys all in March!



  1. HIIIIIIIIIII, love!!!
    I'm so glad you got a good heaping helping of family time... I'm starting to feel homesick, and I've only been gone for like 2 months! :(
    I hope you have a great week, and WHAAAAT is your Skype, woman??
    Be strong in the LORD, sister!
    Hey, have you read any books in Korean while you're there? If you're looking to improve your Hankuk-mal, I would suggest doing that... even if its an easy kiddy book... try it out! :)

  2. suserrrrr i'm so happy to read this!!! please go to pc bang more often! and i'm SO happy as well that you got to see your family!! i really want to write you a letter...I will try my bestest!! Miss you lots!