Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the Cross - First time singing on video!

Sooo this is my first time "singing on video" haha.

I too suffer from John Mayer syndrome... as in... my face getting weird when I sing. Pahaha. Oh well. Enjoy! At the Cross by Hillsongs, awesome song. Listen to the real version if you have time!


P.s. The sound is off from the video...just to let you know! doo doo doo :)


  1. YOO I have been listening to this song like SO MUCH these days!!!! <3333333

  2. sweeet cover!
    and yeah, i think a lot of art students paint over older paintings/assignments just cuz its so economical...to buy a canvas that size its about $50! but to make one its about $25 or so. A lot of people don't paint over stuff, because they get too attached or sentimental with their works....ive never painted over anything before, but our prof said we should do it and that it would liberate us in a way HAHA. ahhh art people...

    hope korea is treating you well sus!

  3. i cant listen to this cuz im in class right now, but i shall do so later and i'm SURE it will sound lovely!

    hope you have a good day! or... sleep, right now, i guess~
    love you~

  4. beautiful song.

    and i didn't think your face was weird. lol

  5. hhahaha i missed ur singing
    im still ur #1 fan... maybe not.. i think im #5 maybe.. or #6?

    #1-5 are prolly ashley,lisa,grace,ur mom and ur dad (in no specific order)

    so i am #6 moohahaha

  6. Loved hearing your voice and seeing you "live" again!