Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Funny Quotes from Kids

Some funny things I've caught 6 and 7 year old children saying....well, at least I think they're funny.

Kid: Miss Park, how old are you?
Me: Oh, that's something you don't need to know.
Kid: .....40?
Me: .......

Kid: Miss Park, Michael swore.
Me: *confused*
Kid: He said the washroom word.
Me: *thinking* Ohhhhh...

Kid: Is this your ginormous hand?
(student says to me referring to a traced outline of my hand)

Kid #1: Is grass living?
Class: Yes.
Kid #2: Yeah, until you cut their heads off.

Kid #1: Where do frogs originally come from?
Me: Hmmm, I'm not too sure. What do you think?
Kid #2: Duh, they come from God!

Kid: Why was anything bad ever invented?

Kid: What's this Miss Park?
Me: That's called a dead end.
Kid: *looking concerned* Does.. that mean it's dead?!?

Kid: Do you want to hear something funny? Kid #2 says he doesn't like work so he doesn't like paper.
Kid #2: No! I said I don't like the photocopier because it makes work.
Me: *laughing and patting his head*

Me: *during a spelling dictation* The next word is 'RICH......RICH.'
Kid: Wait, rich? Oh, I thought you said BICH.
Me: Oh, you know what, we don't say those kind of words.
Kid: Huh? *looking very confused*
Me: Oh! Uhh...nevermind. Next word is....

*class discussion about civil war*
Kid: *mumbling under his breath* That is so wrong.