Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Confession as a Struggling Night Owl

The clock currently reads - 5:24a.m.

Hi, my name is Susan and I am a recovering night owl - a struggling one at that.  A bad habit which began in middle school - I would indulge myself in taking naps after school and staying up late to finish homework.

Work life has definitely made it harder for my night owl ways to come out as early mornings require an early night's rest.

To help you understand the reasons for staying up, here is mine:

1. No distractions - During the night, no one will be calling you, texting you, or tapping on your bedroom door to chat.  It's amazing the amount of focus and work you can get done when your phone is calmly sitting on your desk with no new email notifications or social media updates.

2. It's quiet -  My biggest distraction comes from noise - music, over-hearing a conversation, whispering, you name it.  During my university days, all my studying/work would get done in the library vasement (vacuum+basement).  Night time, coincidentally, is also best time for this deathly silence.

3. Use time more efficiently - There is no greater form of pressure than seeing the night sky turn into the morning sky.  You are on a clock against the sun and time must be used as productively as possible.  #beatthesun

Being a night owl is obviously a lot easier to get away with when you're a student.  Work life almost guarantees that your night ends at 10p.m. - unless it's the weekend.  :)